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girls school in liberia reopens after sex abuse scandal

Students at an American charity school in Liberia almost lost their institution to a notorious sex abuse scandal, forcing the academy to close. Then a new, Liberian-run organization formed to re-open the school. In Monrovia, Monique John follows one student on her first day back in class. This story was supported by the Pulitzer Center.

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Liberian Journalist Peter Quaqua on Attacks to Press Freedom in West Africa

In an interview for VOA’s “Africa News Tonight” I speak with Peter Quaqua, the president of the West African Journalists Association, to explain the current issues surrounding press freedom and the strained relationship between reporters and government officials in West Africa.


This Water Organization Had an Unlikely Start

Since 2009 FACE has since served 25,000 people and brought clean water access to 35 communities across Liberia alone. 


Liberia Supreme Court Halts Preparation for Runoff Vote

The Supreme Court ordered a stay while it hears a complaint filed by the third place finisher in the first round of polling.

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Liberia Sees Record Number of Female Candidates for October Elections

Despite Liberia having the continent’s first female head of state, women remain underrepresented in elected office. But the women in the 2017 election are running for a change.


A New TransAtlantic Route: How Ama Marfo’s Airfordable Is Helping African People Take Flight

The startup founder talks to me about why closing the Black travel gap could transform Africa.

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American-Founded Liberian Academy's Investigation Looms Over Parents

Parents at More Than Me Academy in Liberia tell me their thoughts on the school’s founder, Katie Meyler, amid public outrage at how she handled the case, as well as how the sexual abuse scandal is stigmatizing their daughters.


This Liberian Entrepreneur Started Her Own Pop-up Shop

Despite the obstacles facing her, Wilhelmina has dreams of formalizing the Pop Up Shop into a larger business by expanding with the help of sponsors and banks, and by traveling to other African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda.


We’re the youth and we can make Liberia different

Brenda Moore, founder of Kids Educational Engagement Program (KEEP), and her students talk to me about how KEEP emerged during the Ebola crisis, as well as how it has given thousands of children access to classrooms and learning materials.

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Liberia's Election Campaign Gears Up as Sirleaf Prepares to Step Down

Twenty candidates from 26 different parties are running to replace her. They have been facing off in a series of public debates, a first for Liberia.

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In Liberia, Girls & Women Face a Future Without U.N. Peacekeepers

Local feminists worry about what will happen to prosecution of gender-based crimes without UNMIL’s neutral and authoritative monitoring of local police stations. 


In this episode of “The She Word,” I interviewed Liberian women in their mid-twenties and early thirties about how they handle insecurity, doubt and disappointment revolving around their careers, relationships and finances. Fast forward to 1:44 to see clips of my interview subjects speaking along with women from other parts of the continent.


The consequences of early marriage in liberia

In this episode of “The She Word,” Massa Kamara of Monrovia, Liberia shares her journey as a young mom of five after having been abandoned by her husband in their early marriage. Fast forward to 1:43 to see the segment.


Liberia Supreme Court Postpones Presidential Run-off

The delay comes less than 24 hours before the polls were scheduled to open.


Liberia Heads to Nationwide Elections Tuesday

Twenty candidates vie to replace President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when she steps down at the end of her second term in 2017.


Liberia Medical Mission Fights Ebola in Liberia

The group formed by members of the diaspora worked to limit the spread of the disease during its peak and continues to bring medical supplies to Liberia.